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Sculptor Bob Guelich loves being alone, working. He's aware of being drawn to birds as a subject for his sculpture because "they're loners. They suit my personality and I like them generally." His love for nature is evident in any Bob Guelich sculpture. Birds as well as mammals are his favorite subjects. "Sculpture must involve more of the viewer's senses. It should be touchable, for much of sculpture is feeling. It is meant to be touched by those appreciating it," Guelich said of a grouping of heron placed in the Gardens for the Blind at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Guelich's monumental sculptures are a strong public presence, along with the heron grouping he has placed two monumental multiple figure pieces at the entrance to zoos in Omaha and San Antonio. Studying the subject in its natural habitat is a major part of each work.

Guelich is able to transfer the precision of the biological form into a complete artistic expression. He further enhances the beauty of each sculpture by presenting it in the traditional patina finish or a polychrome finish, which is painting the sculpture to portray the piece not only structurally but allowing the collector to enjoy the beauty of the color of nature as well.

Guelich has won numerous awards during his career; he is a member of the National Sculpture Society, Allied Artists of America and the Society of Animal Artists. Bob resides with his family in San Antonio, Texas.


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